Almost all places I visit are gems in their own right, but the real ones -- they're often the ones that I either had no idea about or had little to no expectations of.

A few are frequently observed and seen on a daily basis but not considered impressive -- SSDD to many eyes; other gems begin initially as merely figments of my imagination when they were mentioned in a novel or in classical and contemporary literature -- only to become a-sort-of-fiction-turned-reality type experience.

Curiosity, wanderlust, and the yearning to explore and discover.  To document what is not necessarily new to the world, but new to me.


The plan is that there is no plan...

Whether to stumble across something brilliant or to road trip without a destination in mind -- this is just really about the joy of finding something unexpected.



Quite a few people I met in Japan thought I was crazy to hike in mid-July. I soon found out why as I trekked this ancient pilgrimage trail for 4 days.

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So how long does it take to hike a trail that is close to 900km long?  Well, we're still going at it and you can follow along.

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