To explore and wander...

My name is Ehren (it's pronounced like Aaron, Erin, Eryn, etc.) and I'm a Canadian jook-sing born in the 80s living in Toronto.  Raised on frequent doses of the Internet -- by day, I focus my efforts on playing and wrestling with data to help others; but in spirit and mind -- I'm a wanderer and explorer. This applies to the way I approach life, data, travel ... and probably everything else.

Here, I hope to share some unexpected encounters on road trips, my experience through challenging journeys, a few artistic pursuits, and now and then -- some thoughts on overcoming fears that we are often confronted with travelling or hiking.

The appreciation of history, nature, and culture -- all intersecting through the act of walking or hiking -- is what I have grown to love.  A slower way of taking in the world around us.

Enjoying a day in the Grand Tetons

Enjoying a day in the Grand Tetons

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy what you find or learn ... and perhaps share your own thoughts as well.  If you have a question, feel free to ask.

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