How to Make the Most of a Short Road Trip to the East Coast

How to Make the Most of a Short Road Trip to the East Coast

Road trips are often an excuse to get on the road and go somewhere.  A lot of people have a destination in mind but if you really want to make the most of it and have fun with those whom you are travelling with -- don't plan so much.  Instead, why not turn it into a game or a quest?  Of course, this can be applied to any road trip.  Not just one to the east coast of the United States.

Another EveryTrail Alternative

So ... on and off ... I've written about EveryTrail alternatives.  There have been good options, free options, not-so-easy options, and so on.

My sister recently graduated from University of Toronto with her computer science degree and the scene for developers is tough these days, very few jobs for a recent graduate.  While she's job hunting, I've been talking with her about the challenge with embedding maps on to blogs and not being locked into a platform.

She ended up building her solution called Map-A-Trail.  You can upload your GPX file and it'll generate an map and elevation chart that you can embed on your blog.

You'll notice there's a possibility of cute overload, but that's just how she operates.  Check it out, try it out, and maybe give her some feedback -- but be nice and constructive about it. :)

I'll be testing it out myself more thoroughly but so far it looks like it has got potential.  Obviously, I am to be biased as an older brother but you can trust that I don't accept using clunky apps.

Map-A-Trail screenshot

Map-A-Trail example screenshot

Walking into The Wave, Coyote Buttes

Walking into The Wave, Coyote Buttes

Every so often along the way, I'd turn around and it'd be like looking at a completely different world.  The tricky thing about hiking through this remote and vast wilderness is that it is easy to lose track of where you are and where you came from.  Everything appears different when you move about and will look different as the sun changes position in the sky.

Quick Update (practically July 2016)

I haven't disappeared.  Still working on writing out my experiences earlier this year -- a sort of catch up.

That said, there have been some changes in my life -- notably that:

  • After eight years of working at a national not-for-profit organization, I've moved on to a new job.  Don't worry, still exploring life and data.
  • I no longer have the flexibility and the resources to tackle the remainder of the Bruce Trail at this time -- so my friends are going to continue it with out me.  Part of me is saddened by this reality as I really wanted to finish it but there's no way around this for now.  I hope to continue and finish it in the future.
  • With the change in resources and budget, I'm now directing more attention to exploring with the bicycle -- I haven't decided yet how to integrate that into this website yet so it currently sits on a separate website here.

Some upcoming stuff or longer-term goals:

  • I'll be taking a few fun road trips locally and through the north-eastern US.  One of my goals is to do some hiking in Acadia National Park in August.  I know, it is tourist season but I had planned the trip when I was in my old job.
  • The cycling is tied to my goal of tackling the 500km Greenbelt Route here in Ontario next year.  Probably around the summer or autumn of 2017.
  • I really am enjoying cloudspotting so I'm probably going to delve further into that at some point but I'm not sure what to do as of yet.

Thanks again for visiting and stay tuned for more -- feel free to reach out on Instagram where I'm probably the most active.

If you have questions for me, feel free to ask.

Climbing Kilimanjaro - Lemosho Trek Day 8

Climbing Kilimanjaro - Lemosho Trek Day 8

It felt weird waking up today on January 2nd, 2016. Not only was I now officially in the New Year (the past couple of days just felt like one very long day) -- the realization that I had completed one of my goals that I had set out to tackle two years ago was just dawning on me.  I was too exhausted and tired from the summit hike to really think about it. It all felt bittersweet to me as I reminisced fondly of the days that we had spent on Kilimanjaro.  I loved waking up seeing the snow-capped summit and today would be my last day on this beautiful mountain.